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Medicaid Waiver FAQs

Home & Community Based Waivers

What is Estate Recovery?

Established under the federal law, this program requires the Alabama Medicaid Agency to recover the costs paid by the agency from the estates of the deceased Medicaid recipients.

Who is affected by Estate Recovery?

  • A person of any age permanently residing in a nursing facility, intermediate care facility for the intellectually disabled, or other medical institutions; and
  • A person 55 years of age or older who received medical assistance for any services covered under the Alabama Medicaid State Plan (this includes any individual receiving Home and Community based services)

When does Estate Recovery occur?

Estate Recovery happens only after the death of a person receiving Medicaid benefits under the effected categories.

Where should I mail the 204/205 Medicaid application?

TARCOG, Attention: Medicaid Waiver Department, P.O. Box 1087, Huntsville, AL 35805

Will my waiver benefits transfer if I have relocated to Alabama from out of state?I

Unfortunately, waiver benefits do not transfer from state to state. Please contact TARCOG’s ADRC department to apply.

How long is the application process?

Depending on the application type, it can take two to eight weeks from start to approval.

How do I apply for an E&D Waiver?

Contact TARCOG’s ADRC department and request completion of a Medicaid Waiver referral. 

How do I apply for TA Waiver?

Contact The Alabama Medicaid Agency at 334-242-5000 and request a Technology Assisted Waiver referral.

How do I apply for Gateway to Community Transitions?

Apply on this site:
Alabama Medicaid Agency processes these referrals and forwards them to the appropriate Area Agency on Aging.

What is Personal Choices?

Personal Choices provides self-directed home and community-based services. It is designed to offer older adults and individuals with disabilities more choices and flexibility in the type of care they receive. Participants enrolled in the program may use their allotted budgets to receive the care they need. Participants can also appoint family or friends to provide their care. They can also save for other items that support and enhance their health.

How can I find out who my case manager is?

Call 256-830-0818 and ask to speak to the Medicaid Waiver administrative assistant.