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Improving Communities

Making Northeast Alabama an even greater place to live through smart community planning and development

TARCOG’s regional planning agency is an advocate for its partner governments and citizens throughout our region, which includes DeKalb, Jackson, Limestone, Madison, and Marshall counties. Our goal is to guide our communities through smart growth strategies to improve the quality of life for residents. Read on for more about the ways we do just that.

Community Planning

  • Visioning and strategic planning: Analysis of a community’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Comprehensive plans: Broad plans that cover an entire jurisdiction
  • Small-area plans: Specific plans that cover distinct areas such as downtowns, neighborhoods, and highway corridors
  • Functional plans: Plans for circulation and transportation involving parks and recreation, greenways, bicycle and pedestrian ways, utilities and infrastructure, housing, and land use

Community Development

We place a high value on place-building throughout our region, which encompasses the notion that local businesses, residents, and developers can craft development scenarios that are both locally driven and advantageous for future growth.

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Resiliency & Sustainability

TARCOG is committed to building regional resilience and local sustainability and participates in environmental planning and management activities pertaining to water quality education and research, hazard mitigation, energy efficiency grants, and general planning for economic resiliency.

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Cooperative Purchasing

TARCOG is an advocate and connector for the North Alabama Cooperative Purchasing Association (NACPA), a voluntary association of public entities that are subject to the State of Alabama Competitive Bid Law. The association can facilitate joint bids for commodities and services purchased by the members in order to achieve cost savings and eliminate duplicate efforts in purchasing.

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