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Dementia Resources

Dementia Friendly Alabama is an initiative to bring awareness and support to those living with dementia and their care partners throughout Alabama. We strive to build partnerships to create communities where those living with dementia can live and thrive!

What is a dementia friendly community?

Dementia Friendly is much more than simply being kind to those impacted by dementia. A dementia friendly community is one where those living with Alzheimer’s and their care partners feel respected, supported, and included in everyday community life. Dementia friendly communities foster the ability of people living with dementia to remain in the community and engage and thrive in day-to-day living.

How can Alabama become a dementia friendly community?

Top of Alabama Regional Council of Governments has partnered with Central Alabama Aging Consortium to create a Dementia Friendly Community in North Alabama. The Alabama Department of Senior Services has awarded CAAC a grant to help initiate a dementia friendly community within Montgomery which has been replicated throughout the state. Current programs to help promote dementia friendliness in our region include:

  • Dementia Friendly Alabama Facebook Page
  • Dementia Friendly Business Training
  • Dementia Friendly Training for First Responders
  • Dementia Friendly School Education
  • Dementia Resource Guide
  • Memory Screenings
  • Speaking Opportunities
  • Virtual Dementia Tours

Virtual Dementia Tours

TARCOG is Virtual Dementia Tour Certified for 2021. The VDT uses patented sensory tools and instruction based on research conducted by P.K. Beville, M.S., a specialist in geriatrics and the founder of Second Wind Dreams®, with which TARCOG parters. During a Virtual Dementia Tour experience, trained facilitators guide participants outfitted with patented devices that alter their senses while they try to complete common everyday tasks and exercises. The Tour enables caregivers to experience for themselves the physical and mental challenges those with dementia face, and use the experience to provide better person-centered care.

If you are interested in scheduling a Virtual Dementia Tour for your group, please contact TARCOG.

Joy For All Pets

presented by Dementia Friendly Alabama

JOY FOR ALL Companion Pets are designed to bring comfort, companionship, and fun to elder loved ones. These interactive cats and pup are all about an ease-of-care and convenience that pairs with technology for the best possible experience.

Learn More About Joy for All Pets

If you are interested in receiving a pet for your loved one, please contact TARCOG’s Aging & Disability Resource Center at 256-830-0818.

To learn more about Alabama Cares services for caregivers, call 256-716-2442.