Regional Planning Agency

City and Town Planning

TARCOG’s goal is to help you make your community a great place to live. TARCOG does this by providing a broad range of community planning services, such as, visioning and strategic planning which provides you with an analysis of your community’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, comprehensive plans that cover an entire jurisdiction, or small area plans which cover distinct areas such as downtowns, neighborhoods, and highway corridors. TARCOG can also provide your community with functional plans for circulation and transportation, parks and recreation, greenways, bicycle and pedestrian ways, utilities and infrastructure, housing, and land use.

Community Planning Services

Transportation Planning

The Transportation Planning program at TARCOG currently revolves around two programs: the Rural Planning Organization and the Human Services Transit Program.

The Rural Planning Organization (RPO), funded through an initiative of the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT), seeks to improve the safety of roadways in non-metropolitan areas and provide a direct line of communication between rural areas and ALDOT. Meant as a consultation process, the RPO is comprised of three committees: 1) a Citizens Advisory Committee that meets once each quarter in each of four non-metropolitan counties including DeKaIb, Jackson, Limestone, and Marshall; 2) a Technical Advisory Committee includes county engineers, representatives of ALDOT District and Division offices, and representatives of trucking, rail, and aviation industries; and 3) a Policy Committee that provides a forum for representatives of Municipalities and County Commissions to discuss highway related issues with AL DOT and with each other.

The Human Services Transit Program oversees the coordination of human services transit services through the preparation and maintenance of the regional Human Services Coordinated Transportation Plan. The Program also oversees the competitive selection and distribution for two Federal Transit Administration Programs: 1) Job Access Reverse Commute (JARC); and 2) New Freedom. These two programs provide funding for public and private organizations to assist in getting workers from one area to another and also for meeting requirements beyond those regulated by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Human Services Coordinated Transportation Plan 2012 Update

JARC and New Freedom Call For Project

Environmental Planning

TARCOG provides environmental planning and management activities. Primarily, this involves water quality activities including continuing study and activity in the Little River Watershed and participation in environmental education programs related to the maintenance of water quality.