Retail and Commercial Development Workshop

On January 16, TARCOG will host workshops for local governments that will focus on how to recruit retail and commercial businesses to small and rural cities in the region. Partnering with TARCOG for the effort will be the University of Alabama Center for Economic Development, highlighting the statewide experience of the Center Director Nisa Miranda.

The workshop will cover important steps to build sustainable community development, including using demographics and data/gap analysis to know the market. Participants from towns in the TARCOG region will gain the most if they work in small teams, in order to develop a coordinated approach that will be the most effective when back home.

Meeting economic needs of the area is a goal of TARCOG and of the Center, so coming together to host the workshops will be a coordinated effort. The goal will be for the region’s smaller communities to identify and leverage their assets in order to attract and retain business.

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