Top of Alabama Regional Council of Governments

Message from the Executive Director

Welcome to the Top of Alabama Regional Council of Governments (TARCOG) Web Page. Please take your time and review its content for answers, questions or further clarification as to what TARCOG is, why it is, where it is, what it does and who are your public servants.

TARCOG has hit its fourth decade of public service assisting local governments with plans, projects and senior programs. Hopefully, the life of every citizen within the five county service area has been improved and made better as a result.

With hundreds of years of institutional knowledge, TARCOG has been and is ready to assist our local governments. TARCOG is people helping people in a regional setting.

Area Agency on Aging, Community Planning, and Economic Development

TARCOG helps local governments improve the quality of life for the region’s more than 649,000 residents. The Council does this by obtaining funding for local government assistance, coordinating local governments’ responses to regional issues, and providing a wide range of services to the region’s governments and residents. TARCOG helps member governments work together to address issues best solved cooperatively, rather than independently. TARCOG also provides services and technical assistance to different communities that are unable to provide their own personnel due to funding issues. The services are in three program areas: Aging, Economic Development, and Planning.