Guntersville City Schools Receives ARC Grant

Guntersville City Schools Board of Education received word that its recently submitted Appalachian Regional Commission grant application was funded in the amount of $100,000.00. This project, supplemented by $100,000.00 in local funding, will expose local students, from pre-k to senior level, to 21st century technologies and wireless communications at every stage of their academic development. Through the purchase of chrome-books for Guntersville High School, Middle School and Elementary School students, the school system will achieve a one-to-one ration goal thus allowing every student a personal device.

The Guntersville City Schools Board of Education and TARCOG believes that this program will equip graduating students with the necessary skills and competencies that will enable them to make a successful transition to post-secondary studies and be ready for immediate entry into Alabama’s high-tech workforce. TARCOG greatly appreciates the opportunity to have worked with the Guntersville School Board on this proposal in an effort to bolster the regional academic and workforce readiness of the community.

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